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Brad Pittโ€™s Fight Club Workout

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Workout ScheduleMost of these exercises were performed at 3 sets of 15-25 reps, weight is in pounds.

Monday โ€“ Chest75 push-upsBench press โ€“ 165, 195, 225 (25, 15, 8 reps)Nautilus press โ€“ 80, 100, 130Incline press โ€“ 80, 100, 130Pec deck machine โ€“ 60, 70, 80

Tuesday โ€“ Back25 pull-upsSeated rows โ€“ 75, 80, 85Lat pulldowns โ€“ 135, 150, 165T-bar rows โ€“ 80, 95, 110

Wednesday โ€“ ShouldersArnold press โ€“ 55Laterals โ€“ 30Front raises โ€“ 25

Thursday โ€“ Biceps & TricepsPreacher curls machine โ€“ 60, 80, 95EZ curls cable โ€“ 50, 65, 80Hammer curls โ€“ 30, 45, 55Pushdowns โ€“ 70, 85, 100

Friday โ€“ CardioTreadmill 60 minutes โ€“ 80-90% MHR

Saturday โ€“ CardioTreadmill 60 minutes 80-90% MHR

Sunday โ€“ RestNutrition PlanSticking to a high protein diet with six smaller meals spread out through the day, Pitt stuck to a clean diet supplemented with whey protein powder and protein bars.

BreakfastEggs โ€“ 6 whites, 7 yolks75 g oatmeal with raisins

Depending on his schedule, Pitt would substitute the eggs for a protein shake.

Mid-morning snackTuna on wholewheat

Lunch2 chicken breasts75-100 g brown rice or pasta and green veggies

Afternoon Snack (pre-workout)Protein barWhey protein isolate shakeBanana

Post-workout SnackWhey protein shakeBanana

DinnerGrilled fish or chickenBrown rice or pastaVeggies and salad

Evening SnackWhey protein isolate shakeOr low fat cottage cheese (slow release protein)

I wonder if that workout would work as well for him now that he's 20 years older.ย 

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