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June 27, 2012: Why I Really Like This Commercial "Tonight We Tanqueray"

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I agree with James on this one. The commercial is really well done. I am using this as a placemarker so I can dig into director later.

First, the commercial:

Then, @jaltucher in his inimitable way:

It almost seemed as if the commercial was like a “Daily Practice” but for bartenders. Bartenders who were focused on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and attempted to improve every day in those areas...

And it’s all connected. Being open to helping people is spiritual. Being able to show balance and poise is spiritual and physical. Handling all the drink orders shows abilities in both the mental and physical categories. This is why no one “body” is more important than the others. They all flow together and building one up to the detriment of the others will ultimately create blockages in life.

I love a good commercial. When done right, it’s a one minute story, filled with all the elements of drama, character, a story arc, and good music. Today I want to live like this bartender. I want to be balanced in my life. I want to mentally exert myself to the fullest. I want to open myself up to helping the universe in whatever lives I can save. And at the end of the day I want peace and quiet. And a vanilla milkshake.

The director is Anders Hallsburg:

Though the world of integrated production is fairly young, it has its more senior explorers. Anders Hallberg is one of them. He’s the director behind the acclaimed campaigns “Dream kitchen” and “Behind the closet” for IKEA and "" for Sprint as well as the interactive experience for Absolut Vodka's, "I'm Here".

Anders was 18 when he started working on a film set and he has never looked back. Since, he has made hundreds of music videos and a slew of commercials. He has been working on documentaries and is always exploring his stills photography.

Anders is a true craftsman and a bit of a technical geek. He understands the entire chain of production and because of this, he’s able to solve any technical challenge, making productions looking fantastic while breaking new ground. He’s great when direction people too. If you don’t believe us, go ask Common, Dita Von Teese or Dustin Hoffman.

See also:

Over a year later, I still think about this commercial.

Director's site:

and the longer director's cut is even better

yep, this guy is good.  Feel free to browse all his works. Sexy, visual, funny...he can do it. 

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