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Why Louis C.K. killed his Facebook page:

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Louis CK is brilliant:

"I killed my Facebook page years ago because time clicking around is just dead time. Your brain isn't resting and it isn't doing. I think people have to get their heads around this thing. All this unmitigated input is hurting folks."

That's very thoughtful. Get more downtime and rest.

Also, stay away from the Internet for at least an hour before your bedtime.


Facebook can have a big effect on our lives.

The context we are in is one of the most powerful -- and most ignored -- determinants of our behavior.

The stories we let into our lives shape us.

I agree with your links, and I agree with Louis CK.

And yet, I note that he tweets.

Isn't Twitter very similar to Facebook when it comes to random clicking and dead time?

Perhaps more so since Twitter is mostly noise?

(does some research)

Yes, Louis CK hates Twitter:

But he's employing that hatred of Twitter to hone his craft:

Okay here’s how I do twitter from now on. I make a show announcement, then take questions and insult you for a few minutes.

That's pretty much exactly what Twitter is useful for.

I'm sorry, Louis CK cannot hear you over the sound of his TWO EMMIES.


30 days without social media can change your life:

where is the balance? how about those of you who earn your living from the social media?

I'm not sure there IS balance, Jared.

Sometimes even moderation must be taken in moderation.

Just because someone makes money off of it, doesn't mean it matters.

ESPECIALLY IF someone makes money off it, chances are good it does not matter.

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