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#leaveyourlegacy on Vimeo

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This video gets me so pumped up and inspired. If your heart doesn't get pumping on this one, I don't know what to say!

Wow, this is very powerful, and it keeps building. The end is fantastic.

The music ("Outro" by M83) is perfect.

Kudos to the students who made this video (Garrett Gunther BS '11, MS '12 (@gwgunther), Kris Cheng BS '11 MS '12 (, @kris2740), Dominique Yahyavi BS '11)

I went back and watched the speech without the music (Ray Lewis to Stanford Men's Basketball team, "Pissed off for Greatness", recorded by Mike Johnstone).

It is also quite inspiring:

This was actually my first exposure to the "Create Your Legacy" series.

Here's another great video from that series: Kolohe Andino's rookie year on the 2012 World Tour...

It's only available on Vimeo, so click through to the site to watch it.

I was so inspired by this video that I created a new stash Restore your faith in humanity:

The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to share it with others.

~ Joy J. Golliver

Thank you, Suzannah!

Holy crap. Thank goodness they didn't ask me for an alumni donation at the end of the video, or they could have backed a truck up to my house. It's especially meaningful for us alums, who can recognize so many of the shots.

And what the heck was Ray Lewis doing inspiring the men's basketball team? There's got to be a good story there!

My husband, who is a Stanford Alum, asked the same thing, how did they get Ray Lewis there?

Anyhow, I'm a Bruin and I still wanted to donate everything to Stanford after watching this video.

Particularly for Stanford showing that to be at that university whether it is through academics or athletics, it takes the dedication shown in that video. Dedication to oneself.

So inspiring.

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