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Another two minute account -zurker


Disclaimer.  I really do not like Facebook. 

I think the idea of a co-op social networking site is great in theory. 

So I signed up to Zurker. A bitcoinesque currency called Zen and a symbols of Dharmawheel. 

It shows such a lack of sensitivity and an overall creepy factor that I could not even stick around to explore. 

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Are there any Bitcoinesque currencies you like?

I don't know. Something seems off to me about DIY currencies.  

While I think the international monetary system is being manipulated in a way to create the largest transfer of wealth to the wealthy, I am not going to go so far as saying pop up unregulated financial markets are a good idea. 

Currencies are kind of like borders.  Made up lines that separate people into different economic beings down to a few square miles seems horribly silly and inefficient but then again the disruption of say PA merging with NY seems impossible.  

Multiple currencies in a given economic region have proven to be problematic. 

Wal-coin.  Lobby to be exempt from minimum wage laws and allow employed to choose $wage or $.2 wal coin.   I am pretty sure they would get takers but equally sure it would not be the Waltons. 

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