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Is there a proven system for making yourself happier?

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Wow, that 14 pointer looks complicated (I'm a simpleton).

How about cutting it down to a single digit number?

IMHO these are it (in no particular order)

1) Take care of your health. It doesn't matter if you're fabulously wealthy - ignoring your health will cost you a fortune.

2) Get honest about what you really want. It might not be the popular choice. My parents were mortified when I moved to Cali in the 80's to race cars.

3) Recognize your cultural conditioning. I enjoy cheese, coffee, red wine, and women with strong shoulders.

4) Hack yourself. Figure out your own OS, where it's bugs are (and how to fix them), and how to throw in some widgets that your upbringing didn't provide. Personally I enjoy the tools from Landmark, Tim Ferris, OneTaste, Sex at Dawn, and Morty Lefkoe.

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