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Jim Clemmer's review of The Luck Factor: The Four Essential Principles

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In this book, Wiseman (perfect name for an author) outlines four principles he has found define lucky people. Through his "luck school," he's retrained up to 80 percent of the unlucky to reverse their fortunes and attract good luck. His four principles involve key elements of leading: engage others in conversations and social interaction; listen to your intuition and trust hunches; develop positive expectations about the future; and strengthen resilience and persistence to eventually turn bad luck into good.

This is a great set of research and a great book.

I've been telling people about it for years:

Lucky people do have things in common. Master the things and you will be more lucky.

How cool that we have that in common!  Yes, I've been a fan of it pretty much since it came out, even though I can think of some pretty interesting critiques as well.

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