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The Way To Happiness: Remember The 4 P's

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Great summary:

There’s an overwhelming amount of happiness research.

Forget incorporating it all into your life — merely remembering it is daunting enough.

I like to keep it simple: Remember the 4 P’s.

  1. Purpose
  2. Perspective
  3. People
  4. Play

Work those into every day and you’ll be smiling more.

Eric's article has details:

play!!  my toddlers are good teachers for that one. :)

What's amazing is that we know this as children and then society / responsibilities make us forget.

and worry and fear and laziness get the best of us grownups sometimes!

I think that stems from understanding the consequences of things.

And knowing that things don't always turn out okay.

That is to say: the worry and fear and laziness are rational responses to the vicissitudes. 

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