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How Poor Planning And Being Impulsive Can Lead To Big Wins In Life

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Great lede, Eric:

I’ve posted a ton of research about how conscientiousness may be the most important personality trait out there.

What’s conscientiousness? Having your act together. Neat and tidy. Organized and on time.

Successhealthhappy marriages – they’re all tied to it.

Which can be really depressing because, frankly, I’m not all that conscientious.

But this begs the question: are there benefits to not being conscientious?

Yes, as a matter of fact, there are.

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The planners know everything that will happen. 

The under planners have more room for serendipity. 

Is there any drawn out fact that won't sail under a preponderance of journalistic rhetoric these days?  When everything can work to fit a purpose, nothing does.

Irony is not only dead and been forgotten, but it's suffering the added ignominy of being buried under a growing mental decoupage of research that neither illuminates nor leads one to principled understandings.


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