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What Brazil Can Teach The World About Living Well

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Way to go, Brazilians! 

Happiness is a priority -- and a policy:

The intrinsic, infectious nature of Brazil's alegria is not to be understated -- affecting culture and policy in equal measure.

Just this month, the organization Fundação Getúlio Vargas announced the creation of the Well Being Brazil Index -- a measure of happiness and wellness to be implemented in various cities in Brazil to help public officials implement policies that support and improve well-being.

"They have a joy for life in Brazil unlike any country I've ever seen," the Brazilian-born, American-raised actress Morena Baccarin told the Wall Street Journal in 2009.

That attention has a real impact on its citizens: Brazilian women scored as the happiest women in the world on a happiness index survey conducted by FGV.

Access to beaches is a civil right:

One of Brazil's greatest resources is also, perhaps its most democratic: beaches. In Brazil, the beach is seen as a public space, full of diversity and accessible to all. That's important because Brazil is also home to the largest stretch of coastline in South America (and the 16th largest in the world).

And access to that water is a positive thing: Living near and visiting a body of water -- or "blue space" -- is linked to several measures of well-being, including improved mood, lower blood pressure and slower heart rate. There's even some evidence that living near an ocean, in particular, correlates to a higher level of health.

The article also cites the love of fitness, juice, coffee, music, and family, as key drivers of success.

Seems like a great place to go for the world cup.

Or the Olympics in 2016. Although the article talks about living there, not just visiting there.

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