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Getting fresh fruit and vegetables into poor neighborhoods does NOT make people healthier

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Very thought-provoking takedown of a cherished foodie idea: that lack of access to fresh food in poor neighborhoods is a major cause of obesity and poor health. Turns out, the bigger problem is just LACK OF MONEY. Whether or not it's possible to buy fresh kale within walking distance of your house is less important for health and obesity than whether you have the CASH MONEY to put something on the table every night. You can fill up your kids' stomachs with a carb-fest like rice and beans, or spaghetti, or even ramen noodles for the same price as a small side-dish of kale.

Heck, the McDonalds' $1 menu feels more dollar-efficient than kale.

Why our country subsidizes corn but not most vegetables is still a great mystery to me.

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