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Are you making the most out of life? Here's how you can. - The Week

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Aim for a bit of the four each day:

1. Happiness: Feelings of pleasure or contentment in and about your life.

2. Achievement: Accomplishments that compare favorably against similar goals others have strived for.

3. Significance: A positive impact on people you care about.

4. Legacy: Establishing your values or accomplishments in ways that help others find future success. [Just Enough: Tools for Creating Success in Your Work and Life]

Measuring life by one yardstick won't work. And moving through the four sequentially is a mistake too.

A favorite quote of mine by Warren Buffett sums it up:

I always worry about people who say, "I'm going to do this for ten years; I really don't like it very well. And then I'll do this…" That's a lot like saving sex up for your old age. Not a very good idea.

Read the whole article for more:

This article totally rocks. Very powerful and intuitive findings. Being a very skilled one-dimensional person tends to be what our corporations hire and what our colleges turn out, but that doesn't lead to success. Or happiness. And we all need to stop saving up sex for old age.

We need to stop saving most things for old age and live in the now!

Be here now:

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