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2012 Voter Math Tests Old Limits - Washington Wire - WSJ

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from google searches to polls, race is a big deal. #USAnotwinning

No matter how you slice it—by partisan identification, age, or race—this looks set to be the most polarized election in years. And the starkest divide, in the end, may well be the ethnic one.

What's strange is that these two candidates are very similar along many axes: both were born with intelligence, ambition, and opportunity; both went to Harvard; both are more center than extreme; both of them had the same health care plan; both of them have taken lots of money from special interest groups.

If they're polarizing it's because Americans are looking for differences like what Supreme Court justices they'll pick or what side of gay marriage and immigration amnesty they're on. Ethnic is mostly an ugly shortcut for those things.

What about willful ignorance? #Obamaisamuslim

Well yes, there's that too. But likely those people would vote Republican no matter what.

Fair. So you believe that the transfer of 2008 Obama Voters to Romney are 1)wall street 2)unemployed 3)what else?

3) People who forgot how bad the financial crisis of 2008 was, and truly believe the country is worse off now than four years ago.

4) People who are very pro Israel:

I think unfortunately that culture is a masked word now, yes.

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