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Wine's Health Benefits Greatly Exaggerated | The Fit List

Stop treating that wine bottle as a medicine bottle. resveratrol wine immunizing inflammation panacea cure-all wonder drug health benefits

Over the course of the nine-year study, 286 participants—more than one third—died. More than 27 percent of those who started the study without cardiovascular disease developed it, and four percent of those who started the study without cancer had it by the study’s end. Resveratrol had no correlation with cancer rates, inflammation, cardiovascular disease or death. It’s possible that instead, the French Paradox may be attributed to higher levels of exercise, Semba says. 


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Ok we won't drink wine because it's healthier. 

We will drink wine because it's delicious!

And we won't feel guilty for grabbing a beer instead!

Double damn.

You can ease up on the grapes and the dark chocolate, too:

Though people often use the purported health benefits of antioxidants in grapes, chocolate, and red wine as an excuse to indulge, a recent study has found that the antioxidant resveratrol has no association with cancer and inflammation, the incidence of cardiovascular disease, or longevity. 

So what?  We're all supposed to switch to diet g&t's?  :-)  I don't see any mention of stress relief....It's hard to get stressed when you have a cushy French government job for 35 hours a week.  Meanwhile, people doing real fulfilling work will continue to drink red wine and gobble up the dark chocolate.  

Why?  Because it makes you happy. 


For the alcohol and sugar, though - not for the health bennies.  And that's FINE!  :)

LOL Nevada.

Right, basically we no longer lie to ourselves that we drink wine for the health benefits.

California has almost caught up with Nevada!

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