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10 Life-Changing Decisions We Make Without Thinking, by James Altucher

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College, House, Marriage, Children... he covers it all!

E) Eat. 

You are what you eat. I can’t even think of a more true statement. Where do you think the atoms in your body even come from. A lot of it comes from the food you eat. Most people don’t think twice about: cheese Danish in the morning, pasta and spring rolls for lunch, potato chips during the day, 8 cups of coffee, steak and fries and ice cream at night with a bottle of wine to smooth out the day. I’m not describing your meals. I’m describing how I used to eat. Every day. But the wine might start by 10am. Just to feel good about my afternoon meetings.

See my post on how Lisa lost 100 pounds. “Sugar hurts your bones, increases wrinkles, and makes you stupid” she told me the other day. And sugar is in about 99% of the products sold in the grocery store. So people blindly do it because it’s hard to do otherwise.

B) House. 

Oh sure, you can buy a house for $200k and sell it 10 years later for $400k. That’s the extent of how people think about this decision. We’re not allowed to think deeper. It’s the American Dream. It’s ROOTS. It’s what’s needed to create stability before we can CREATE. We NEED A HOUSE. It’s drilled into us from an early age. Not even the white picket fence. Just something innocuous that’s implanted like a secret science fiction chip into our brain: “Just a place I can rest my feet and call my home”. “A place I can plant flowers.” “A place I change the walls”. ROOTS.It’s such BS. And again, I write about it. But: maintenance, property taxes, interest payments, more maintenance, time spent, lack of flexibility, lack of ability to maximize your income because you are stuck, illiquidity of a massive investment, massive debt – and is the debt backed by… the US government.

What a... very odd essay. He's all over the place, from apparently viewing the renunciation of all major life joys as some wack form of SAVING MONEY -- and what do you plan to do with all the money you save by not having a spouse, genius? hookers and blow? or hiring a housekeeper and nurse to wipe your ass when you're 80 years old and no one gives a shit about you? -- to leaning a little bit conspiracy theory on CUI BONO when you eat sugar or take out a mortgage, to basically claiming that by being smarter than you he has found his own personal heaven EVEN THOUGH HE SEEMS TO HAVE CHOSEN EVERY SINGLE THING ON THIS LIST THAT HE DOES NOT RECOMMEND FOR OTHERS.

But he's different because... he actually THOUGHT about it beforehand? Made checklists? Turned a cold beady eye on the long-term costs of college friends, wife and kids in positive AND negative potential future scenarios? Unlike you, stupid sheeple merely trudging through life on pre-assigned pathways that you can't even COST OUT PROPERLY!!! Yes, we both end up in the same place, but MY place is a Nirvana because I thought about it the right way and YOUR place is a tedious hell because you didn't... is that the message here? Or are we just looking at a guy with -- and I'm obviously no psychiatrist -- a bipolar I disorder and a blog?

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