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13 Things Highly Likable People Do Differently

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8. They are open minded.Far too many people think they have it all worked out and that their views on politics, life and work are right. Now, likable people are totally different in that they are open to new ideas, different ways of solving a problem and also have a curious mindset where they actively seek out new approaches and experiences.

And they'll actually listen to other peoples' ideas.

3. They use touch discreetly.

Research studies show that the power of non sexual touch is far reaching and can help with requests for compliance, help and acceptance. Highly likable people use it discreetly and effectively.

i like this one because i find it goes all ways: i like people more when they touch me kindly, and i like people more when i touch them kindly. just a touch on the arm or shoulder is so nice and immediately makes the interaction feel more friendly.

How do we learn how to do this?

There's a fine line between good touch and bad touch, and I tend to err on the side of caution.

yes, i think this one is easier for women.  even then, it can easily be misinterpreted—especially by men!

american culture is not very touchy.  it can be risky business!

i find it's best to do it with a big smile, and great if you're in a laughing moment.

(silently, between sips of drinks, may be a little awkward...)

Smiling works without touching too, so smiling is definitely a plus.

and you can smile even if you don't have arms!

yeah mr white yeah science bitch gif Imgur

Bonus: Jesse Pinkman is smiling as he says that. :)

5. They are patient.

They know instinctively that in the long term, they are going to reach their goals. Taking one step at a time is one method they use. They are also aware of what triggers will make them impatient, and they are able to restrain those moments when bad temper, sulkiness, anger, and frustration threaten to send ripples through the waters.

Not mentioned but relevant: They smile.

13 Things Highly Likable People Do Differently

Not necessary: Red hair.

that IS relevant!  i love how emma seppala says, in her tedtalk, that smiling at someone activates their micro-muscles and they are much more likely to pass that smile on to the next person.

Yes! I need to watch Emma's TED Talk again.

11. They speak clearly.

These highly regarded people are skilled communicators. Whether this has come about as a natural gift or as a learned skill, I am not sure. What shines through is the way they speak and how friendly the tone is. They never mumble, shout, rant, mutter or use foul language.

this one is so true!  mumbling is the opposite of confident, easy-to-understand communication.  but i do think a well-placed f-bomb can be effective!

That's a good point. Swearing can be effective if used appropriately.

12. They are non judgmental.

You will never hear these likable people slandering or using gossip to judge colleagues and friends. They will never:

  • Interrupt
  • Make people look inferior
  • Complain or blame other people
  • Show off or boast

Non judgmental people are always constructive and never destructive.

4. They are almost always positive.

“The more you stir it, the more it stinks.” —Roger Larson

Have you ever wondered how these likable people are always upbeat and optimistic? 

Here are some of the tricks they use:

  • They tend to concentrate on their achievements rather than their failures.
  • They rarely blame themselves when something goes wrong. They know their worth!
  • They know that negative thoughts prevent them from enjoying the present.
  • They realize that one negative thought is like a ball speeding down the hill, getting larger and larger before it reaches the bottom.
  • They practice gratitude often for the great things in their lives.

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