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Everyone I know is brokenhearted

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For every Gen Xer who can only read books and watch movies about pandemics, climate catastrophes, and imaginary societies tearing themselves apart for sport while ignoring the White Walkers... here's your cri de coeur for the day.

Facebook is surface; Twitter is subtext, and judging by what I’ve seen, the subtext is aching sadness.

A lot of them tried to tell themselves they were still punk as fuck, but it’s hard to morally reconcile the thing where you listen to Fugazi on the way to your job where you help find new ways to trick people into giving up their data to advertisers. Most people don’t even bother. They just compartmentalize.

 I am one of the disillusioned hippies the 60's and early 70's produced.  I tried to maintain the ideals I developed then.  I ended up serving the disenfranchised through teaching and nursing the kids, elderly and especially the dying most of us want to avoid.  I've watched in horror as my companions have become the boomers you have described,  as they pitied me,  I'm sure.

Now in a physically broken dotage I've questioned the wisdom of my choices.  Your piece, wonderfully written,  somehow brings me hope for the future.  Are you, at least enough of you, beginning to wake up to take the ball my gen dropped and kick it back into play?   Here's a spot a friend sent today.  Be nice for something to move.

Kicking the ball back into play is not an easy thing.

It's going to take time to repair after so much damage.