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Why Teenage Girls Should be Doing Standup

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Does laughing release emotions that crying can’t?

Yes yes yes yes YES!

Are you satisfied when something you say causes something to involuntarily shoot out of your friend’s nose?

Is that a rhetorical question?

"something" to involuntarily shoot.


Cola snort is the WORST!

Because bubbles or because acid?


I was enjoying a diet A&W root beer at my desk when I reacted to "two beverages, one cup" from the Vessyl stash.  Also, sticky keyboard.  

ANY excuse to re-read Vessyl.

geege, that page... what a gift to pandawhale!

It's lovely in its dead-pannedness.  Not to be confused with dead-pandaness.


I liked this part of the Medium article:

Doing comedy forces you to do a lot of other things that are good for you. It makes you write. It makes you absorb life around you in order to have anything astute to say about it. It makes you express your simultaneous narcissism and self-loathing in a creatively constructive way. It makes you get better at performing in front of people. And trust me, you’re going to be performing for the rest of your life. Whether you’re giving a class presentation on The Things They Carried or sharing a status update with your work team, you are performing.

i liked that part, too.  it's good!  this is some sound advice!

It takes a lot of confidence to stand up in front of a room.

i'm trying to get geege to do it since she's the funniest lady i know and i could drive up to be part of the audience!

I do not have stand-up comedianing as a goal, but comedy writing (for Conan!) would be awesome. Thanks for your vote of confidence, EKM!

adam... you know what this means, right?

i love this memory. my entire group of friends trying every lunch to make one another shoot milk from each other's nose during lunch in middle school. what a joy. thank you for making me recall that memory. 

You're welcome Jared.

Emily, what does it mean?

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