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15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Berries You Didn’t Know About

15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Berries You Didn't Know About

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2. Berries can help you lose weight

Berries are low in calories and that means you can load up on them without packing on the pounds. Because they are juicy they contain a lot of water, so much of their mass is really water, which contains no calories at all. A medium sized strawberry has between three and six calories. A cup of blueberries has only about 80 calories. Instead of grabbing the potato chips, grab yourself some berries.

3. Berries have a bunch of fiber

Pretty much all berries consist of about 85% water. The rest is mostly fiber and fiber is an integral part of a healthy diet. It helps you stay regular and maintain your weight, and is essential for bowel health. Keep in mind, though, that you must actually eat the fruit to get the fiber! There really isn’t any fiber in juice even if it’s 100% juice. To get the fiber, you’ll need to grind your berries up in a smoothie or eat them whole.

4. Berries contain a boat load of folate

Folate (better known as vitamin B) is known for its health benefits that include improvements to cardiovascular health. There are even studies that suggest that it can help stave off mood disorders like depression. It is especially good for pregnant women as it helps prevent fetal growth disorders and may prevent neurological birth defects.

5. Berries have a ton of anthocyanins

The jury is still out as to what anthocyanins do exactly, but pretty much everyone believes that they give you health benefits of some kind. For those who don’t know, anthocyanins are what gives berries their distinct colors. Think of them like nature’s food coloring. They are believed to have preventative and therapeutic properties, such as the ability to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

6. Berries can help manage and prevent diabetes

The nutrients in berries have been shown to help prevent type 2 diabetes and that’s a good enough reason to eat them right there. However, they are also really good for people who already have diabetes. Thanks to the high fiber we talked about earlier and their ability to be sweet without having a lot of actual sugar, they are perfect for diabetics looking for a sweet treat.

7. Berries can help prevent mental decline

There was a study published that suggested that women who ate berries frequently could prevent the process of mental decline that comes with age. The study says that women who ate a healthy amount of berries had better thinking, reasoning, and memory. It’s not a wild difference but when you’re getting up there, everything helps right?

i am so happy you posted this!  i just finished stuffing a pint of blueberries in my mouth!!

I easily go thru 4* pints a day. My name is Geege and I am a berry addict.


that's right... i remember this about you now...  i recall telling you that there are worse addictions.  now i'm wondering if there are better ones?  i think you may have nailed it.

i have a la croix sparkling water addiction.

At the rate I consume them, berries are an expensive habit!

maybe you were a bear in your past life.  :)

She does seem to love bears, now that you mention it.

If we juice our berries do we still get all the benefits?

Or is it important to eat our berries whole?

Eat you berries whole to keep the glycemic load low.

plus, all of the berry is delicious!

That's true Emily.

Geege, what does juicing the berries have to do with the glycemic load?

I heart Vitamix!

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