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Read slowly to benefit your brain and cut stress - WSJ

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Slow readers list numerous benefits to a regular reading habit, saying it improves their ability to concentrate, reduces stress levels and deepens their ability to think, listen and empathize. The movement echoes a resurgence in other old-fashioned, time-consuming pursuits that offset the ever-faster pace of life, such as cooking the "slow-food" way or knitting by hand.

hooray for slow readers!

Is slow reading a movement?

i read slowly because it's how i do.  but it's nice to know i'm hip, too.  :)


This article is great but the title is misleading--this story is not about reading SLOWLY (and I am a very slow reader and even slower writer).

This article is about sustained reading in uninterrupted big (for today) chunks of time.  As a child I can remember reading for hours and hours--the entire day--engrossed in a book.  And then all night too.  And that is really about a deliberate and dedicated practice, "...a return to a continuous, linear pattern, in a quiet environment free of distractions.  Advocates recommend setting aside at least 30 to 45 minutes."

This is really amazing: I keep coming up again and again, with every more varying examples, on how it is an hour of dedicated practice that is the minimum level of sustained effort required to achieve durable and significant progress in humans, as even here we find:

"...members of a Wellington, New Zealand, book club arrive at a cafe, grab a drink and shut off their cellphones. Then they sink into cozy chairs and read in silence for an hour."

We just don't pay attention to what we do and we lose value in it... perhaps we really are making ourselves broke as a society and then simply can't afford doing what matters as a culture.

yes, tl;dr schedule time to read and have it be a nice chunk of time

So it's read REGULARLY not read slowly. Got it. 

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