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Any time can be tea time!

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Nauseated not nauseous!

Good catch. And otherwise this infographic is good!

nice one, geege!

i have been noticing now that since reading that other article and correcting my language, i am the ONLY one who uses nauseated. nauseous might be one of those words that gets misused enough it eventually changes meaning, even in the dictionary.

Unfortunately, I think you're right.

This is the "pave the cow paths" theory of language evolution.

we might as well, i guess...  :)

Language is ever adapting.

like us!

any time can be tea time infographic meme Imgur

It is quaint and helpful! 

The only problem is there are too many teas!

If only there were one universal tea that we could always take.

The PBR of tea?

End of times.

Or the beginning of making them even better, through Russian know-how?

Like....potato beer?

Potato beer sounds oddly intriguing.

I need some lemon balm tea.

You stressed?

Wtf is lemon "balm" anyway?

Stressed over the Ruskies taking our beer!

Lemon "balm" is an herb in the mint family.  :)

Minty lemon sounds delicious! And calming. 

Adam, how are too many teas a problem?!

Oh wait, I remember: that other post we just made where reduction of choices was a precursor for happiness.  Got it.

Hence my affinity for Earl Grey above all others... or whatever a hospitable host might serve me.  Tea is both a balm and a bond in all the best circumstances...

lady grey is my favorite... because i'm a lady!

You are a lady, but you are not grey!

not yet, anyhow!  ;)

Time greys us all.

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