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15 Things You Don't Need To Apologize For (Though You Think You Do)

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2. You Should Never Apologize for Saying No

Respecting your own limitations is a sign of self respect. If you cannot give 100 percent to something you should never apologize for saying no. The ability to say no is a sign of a good leader.

like your shirt, adam, that says it plain and simple!  NO.

My shirt doesn't say anything about feeling guilty. It just says NO. :)

it's much deeper than i initially thought.

great shirt!

So simple and yet such a helpful reminder when looking in the mirror.

in which case it reads .ON

because NO. is spot-on!!

NO ON sounds like an Alicia Keys song.

she is a force!!  and she just keeps getting more beautiful...

More beautiful and more talented! I wonder how she does that. 

she's in the flow!

9. You Should Never Apologize for Not Knowing the Answer

The constant quest for knowledge keeps our brains young. Never say you’re sorry when presented with an opportunity to learn.  Being able to admit you do not know is a sign of strength and humility.

i know the answer so seldom, that i'm often saying, "that's a good question!"

then we all feel good.  :)

I guess schooling taught us it's shameful (and failing!) to not know the answers.

Perhaps school should emphasize FINDING the answer instead of having it.

yes.  and deemphasize scolding.  luckily, that is already happening.  kids don't get paddled anymore... not even in texas!

Except for that football player Adrian Peterson... Who used his switch in Texas, right?

yeah.  that was ugly!

and my friend from crockett (a small town in east texas) says they were paddled regularly by the teacher when he was a kid, in the 80s and 90s!!!

So do most Texans still believe in physical punishment?

not anymore... but it has only just tipped toward non-violence now.

the world is getting better, i believe.  and someone's got to be last to budge, might as well be texas!  :)

texas come and get it

I will believe things are changing in Texas when they legalize marijuana. ;)

Or deathing innocent prisoners...

Legalizing marijuana >> deathing innocent prisoners...

5. You Should Never Apologize for Your Priorities

Never allow anyone to make you feel guilty over your priorities. Always take care of your own priorities first. If it’s important to you then it is important. The people who matter will respect your choice.

Worth repeating: The people who matter will respect your choice. 

i thought the final paragraph was the best:

Be true to who you are and don’t worry about what other people think. Over apologizing or saying I’m sorry when it’s not necessary reduces self-esteem over time. Save “I’m sorry” for when you actually make a mistake.

Yeah, saying you're sorry when you didn't make a mistake devalues apologizing.

Make sure apologies matter, and you'll be doing well.

what i got from it is that shit happens.  don't apologize for it.  you don't have to take that on.

Yes. Be careful about what you take on, because that takes away your energy.

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