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7 Behaviors Most People Think Are Negative That Are Actually Healthy

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2. Being Lost

We are feeling lost when we have lost our sense of direction. Yet when we are lost, it makes us pay attention to the moment and to our instincts. If you have ever been lost in a big city or a foreign land, you likely also made some wonderful discoveries while trying to find your way.

The same is true for life. Be okay with knowing it is the journey that is important, and sometimes in being lost and going down paths we never would have thought to choose we find out things about ourselves that are amazing. We discover unknown talents in ourselves, and meet friends or allies who otherwise would have remained a mystery. Being lost now doesn’t mean you will be lost forever. It simply means you are taking your time in finding your way, and also allowing the world around you to give input into the path which is best for you. Often it is that input we never would have dreamed to ask for that sets us on our true path.

Or, as Tolkein wrote...

not all who wander are lost

And, as Lewis Carroll wrote...

not all who wander are lost

The most healthy behavior is simply for you to be authentic. 

Yet often we avoid our own authentic behaviors thinking they are unhealthy ones. Your own mind and body know what you need. And if you need a reminder why it is important to follow your authentic self, look at these common behaviors which are often considered negative which can actually be healthy.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm... ahem: aren't expressing,

1. Anger

2. Being Lost

3. Crying

4. Being alone

5. Not listening

6. Breaking the rules

7. Not fitting in

...the generally accepted defining attributes of adolescence?

And yes, certainly it's ok for us adults to express any one of these behaviors at any age, authentically in the grocery express check-out lane or on stage, and hopefully without the consequence of somebody trying to prescribe therapy or medicate us.


I already see a rising trend of younger adults expressing most of these arrested development behaviors in public... for their own health or not.  

Not my idea of a fun-filled time in community or a successful start-up team.

I'll go with Adam's emphasis on the preamble as predominate to any of the seven points above–simply be authentic.  

And then let the chips, job offers and social invitations fall wherever they may...

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