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The Microbiome will be Person Of the Year

Live Dirty Eat Clean Why The Microbiome Is The Future Of Medicine Dr Robynne Chutkan 

This person is an integrative gastroenterologist. They dont teach this stuff in medical school. It is so obvious that following this model will return medical science to where it belongs - emergency rooms! 

One interesting note: c-section babies (1/3 of all US babies) avoid the beneficial colonization from the vaginal tract. Furthermore, just-in-case antibiotics at birth messes up the microbiome even further! Tragic.

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Srini, I think you're right.

The more I learn about the microbiome, the more I think it affects both mind and body.

I wonder why they do not teach this in medical school?

And I wonder if there's any other ways to get beneficial colonization.

i keep hearing that there are more microorganisms in our gut alone than cells in our entire body, but i am having trouble making sense of that!

we are more microbe than human?!

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