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Overcast’s 2014 sales numbers –

Overcast s 2014 sales numbers Marco org


Overcast is a podcast player for iOS that I launched on July 16, 2014 after working on it full-time for about 15 months. It’s a free download with a single non-consumable in-app purchase, “Unlock Everything”, at the $5 tier.

It had a perfect launch that far exceeded my expectations — it was the best launch an indie developer could possibly hope for, with tons of great press, a mid-level App Store feature, and thousands of tweets on launch day.

For calendar year 2014:

  • 318,996 total downloads. Approximately 200,000 launched the app and got far enough to create an account.
  • 46,940 in-app purchases (14.7%).
  • $164,134 total revenue after Apple’s 30%1 but before any taxes or expenses.2
  • $85,715 received in the first month alone.

Per month, excluding the launch month (since it’s an extreme outlier):

  • 27,952 average monthly downloads.
  • 4,569 average monthly in-app purchases (16.3%).
  • $15,684 average monthly revenue.

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So one of the best developers ever with a perfect product launch on Apple can bring in $15,000 a month in revenue.

It's hard to believe there are huge mobile app companies waiting to be built.

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