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Tom Brady's Diet Is So Strict That He Eats Avocado-Based Ice Cream As A Treat

Tom Brady Diet Calls Avocado Ice Cream A Treat - Business Insider

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Wow, this sounds like a joyless way to live:

He goes to sleep at 8:30 p.m. He avoids alcohol. He follows a year-round diet.

Brady told Greg Bishop of Sports Illustrated that he eats different foods in the summer than he does in the winter to "maintain balance and harmony" through his metabolic system.

His teammates call the food he eats "birdseed s---."

From SI:

"Take that diet. It's seasonal, which means he eats certain things in the winter that are considered "hot property" foods, like red meat. In the summer, when it's time for "cold property" foods, his diet is mostly raw. He subscribes to the 80-20 theory -- but it's not 80 percent healthy food, 20 percent unhealthy. It's 80 percent alkaline, 20 percent acidic. The idea, he says, is 'to maintain balance and harmony through my metabolic system.' That's why teammates always see him with hummus, raw snack bars packed with nutrients and what one teammate calls 'that birdseed s---.'"

recent New York Times profile by Mark Leibovich has a great anecdote about how disciplined Brady is with his eating habits.

Leibovich says that even on vacation Brady eats kale for breakfast, and his "desserts" consist of raw macaroons and avocado-based ice cream:

"After his vacation workouts, Brady joined his family for a late breakfast that — for him — consisted mainly of a protein shake that was also high in electrolytes and included greens like kale and collards. (Brady also likes to add blueberries to his concoctions, but some other berries are off limits because they are thought to promote inflammation.) I asked Guerrero at one point if Brady is ever allowed to eat a cheeseburger. 'Yes, we have treats,' he said. 'We make them.' Like what? 'Usually raw desserts, like raw macaroons.' Ice cream made from avocado is another favorite, Guerrero said."

Even the most ardent avocado fans have to admit that's not much of a treat.

At first I wondered if Gisele might behind his obsessiveness.  But no:  his wife is merely disciplined.

He's got more wins in the NFL postseason than any other quarterback, so it's hard to argue with his success. On the other hand, his routine goes way beyond what is reasonable. 

I have to be honest with you, I've always been a healthy eater and a vegetarian since I was pretty young, but taking that next step, I feel much better. It's too soon to tell whether I'll cure stuff I set out to cure, but the data is pointing in that direction. Society does cast you out if you eat outside the norm, though. I bet it's tougher for a male athlete than it is for a female... What do you think? (I'm sitting here drinking a nutritive tea and just ate boiled eggs and salad for breakfast... Go raw macaroons! Love them!) 

Please clarify the difference between being a healthy eater and taking the next step. 

Feeling good is feeling good... what does reasonable have to do with it?

It makes it impossible for him to spend time with anyone but his handlers because it's a 24/7 lifestyle.

I might be 80% Tom Brady / 20% compromise to be social.  I happen to enjoy the healthful food I make!  

Even a 20% compromise would be more humane.

I believe Rob has said he also eats the garbage normal people eat when he's a visitor.

Tom Brady will have none of that. He's a machine.

I'm also 53 and nobody gives a shit or a shekel based on how fast I run the 40... so I make my wife and my in-laws happy and clean my plate when I'm in the red zone.

Ok, I just read three articles deep and it's still as shallow as a parking lot puddle regarding Brady's eating and training habits.  

First off, big deal he goes to bed at 8:30... so do most farmers.  He probably gets up at 4:30 too, but it doesn't say exactly in the crap interviews on Brady (my mom could pose better interview questions and follow ups... and she's dead).

Second, it suggests that he has both Ayurvedic criteria and some new age type alkaline-acid type randomness going on, which is possibly why he eats raw desserts.  I figure this is more about his training guru friend and their fitness business needing to brand and make interesting what is really just boring thousand year old science... eat seasonally, eat raw.  How do I make a buck off of that?

I don't think Brady is a machine at all.  I just think he's focused on his craft, like Lance Armstrong... hopefully he's juicing in a different way though.

Ha! You have a good sense of humor about it.