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The Newest Eating Disorder To (Maybe) Enter The DSM: Orthorexia

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Do you have a friend who constantly prioritizes his or her rigid dietary strictures over socializing or enjoyment? Does s/he bring her own food everywhere because she can't trust anyone else's cooking? Seem to constantly be talking about new, vague illnesses without clear-cut symptoms except "bloating" or "energy"? Even maybe be pushing her own disordered eating onto her children or friends? Your friend may be about to be diagnosed with orthorexia nervosa!

No it's not... Brady is just a raw foodie... good for him!

He's worse than just a raw foodie. He's a 100%er. If it's not in his list of acceptable foods, he whines. 

He whines?  Well, that's never acceptable.  Even I could get away with eating 100% raw for a decade without whining.  You just have to come up with interesting plays when you're out socializing and eating at restaurants.  And isn't that what Quarterbacks are supposed to be able to do well at the line of scrimmage.

Maybe he was just calling a few audibles and people thought he was whining?


The more important point is that he won't eat out with people because he wants to eat only his foods. 

Haha, I think you missed the most important point... now he doesn't HAVE TO EAT WITH OTHER PEOPLE HE DOESN'T LIKE because he's got the best excuse of all: a diet that nobody else is willing to do... 

It's not the general public that most bother the rich and famous... for the most part they're harmless and mildly entertaining – it's the middle to inner circle of idiot in-laws, sycophant acquaintances, demanding business partners and wannabe suck-ups that just end up destroying a good time... and for even a second that experience is just too much... like a fart in an elevator.

I didn't realize what a stroke of social prophylactic engineering genius a fringe diet was until I started eating 100% raw – say goodbye to all the glad-handing douchebags, boring dinner charity events and bothersome business lunches... totally freakin' awesome!

Brady's got his social armor going on... and I hate the Patriots.  I'm a Dolphins fan.

I see your point. This enables him to avoid most social situations altogether. 

Yes, all that he wants to... "Sorry man, I got to go eat my special diet...later."

Genius that anyone can do... at least until your particular flavor of fringe feasting becomes mainstream.

Well, anyone that can handle fringe eating, that is...

Just be taking a sample of the people I know who are fringe eaters, they tend to be the healthiest.

It really makes me question why mainstream staples are so unhealthy for people.

Well, there's now this with some answers to that question:

Eat more fat!

Since you guys obviously haven't taken my words to heart, probably because I've been a wing-nut harping on eating raw, writing that "fats are where it's at" and urging folks to fast (that nourishes and cultivates a fat-fueling, ketone-based metabolism) for decades, and since the years I joined here on PandaWhale, so how about listening to these guys in their recently published report instead:

Credible folks doing cutting edge research with lots of pictures, charts, tables and an Appendix with over 160 professional citations are hopefully harder to ignore...

Fat: The New Health Paradigm

I already shared this report and entire post on PandaWhale here:

but it clearly warrants incessant repetition.  It's that important because of how far our baseline assumptions are from recognizing the facts... let alone acting on them.

Here's another previous PandaWhale goodie about eating high fat diets:

Thanks Rob. I blame socity for making our baseline assumptions wrong, and making us feel like we're fringe for questioning things like processed carbohydrates.

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