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Unboxing Video of a Man Unpacking His Pet Tortoise After Four Months of Hibernation in His Refrigerator

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Turtles can hibernate in the refrigerator?!

Hold my beer, gotta thaw my pet.

(Owl, snail, otter, goat and frozen turtle.)

Of those animals, I believe the turtle is the only one you can safely store in your fridge.

And even then I believe you gotta be careful.


This was so precious. I love the airplane noises to accompany his ride to the bath/sink. So cute! :D

I liked his matter of fact comments:

"Lets see whats inside... I know what's inside"

"did you miss me? Probably not"

It's fun to read that in turtle voice. :)

you two are hilarious.

but these two are too cute!  awww... eleven years they've been together!

i'll bet the man is much more excited about hibernation ending than the turtle!  i felt kind of sorry for him when he had to wake up.  "c'mon, dad, 5 more days...!"

(seems a bit abrupt to go from almost-freezing to a lukewarm bath, doesn't it?  that's probably nothing like the real event in nature!)

I know that groggy feeling of "c'mon, just 5 more days..." :)

Yeah, that's abrupt to go straight to a bath. Gradual waking up seems like it would be more fun.

"Do tortoises have shells because they're slow or are they slow because they have shells?'

       "I'm going to say the later. Torts actually have really strong limbs, if it wasn't for the extra weight they'd be pretty speedy."

Infinite thought loop commences.

they are slow because they are slow.  they have shells to protect themselves.  i don't think that one begets the other.

Thus loopy.

exactly.  :)

Slowness may have co-evolved with shell. Shell might be bulkier than we realize. 

hence the strong limbs!

Slow and strong wins the race, right?

what turtles dream about tumblr imgur unboxing Neil Slorance comic

I too wonder what turtles dream about.

his illustrations are great!

Yes. I had never heard of Neil Slorance before.

Wow, a whole Etsy store:

I do love good turtle advice.

Hey, see that thing you've been thinking about? I think you should just do it. Just totally go for it. You'll be great. I'm a turtle.

You can do it!

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