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How the Most Powerful People Get Things Done: 4 Tips From a White House Staffer | TIME

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Here’s what James says you can learn from The White House:

  1. Be Responsive. Know what’s important and make sure you’re on top of it.
  2. Don’t Overanalyze. Make A Decision. Information is great but often we can’t wait for perfect answers. “A good decision now is better than a perfect decision in two days.”
  3. Always Be Learning. Find a mentor. Be a mentor. Keep reading and commit to the long term to become an expert.
  4. Have Passion. Focusing too much on money is the #1 career regret. When we care, our work is better and we’re more satisfied.

No, the fate of the world is not resting on your shoulders.

But only you can be the Commander-In-Chief of your life. Time to act like it.

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