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Personalized medicine: Time for one-person trials

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Is medicine moving towards the one-person or N-of-1 trial? Instead of the classic population study with placebo, this researcher argues for actively trying to find the right match of drug and genomics for EACH INDIVIDUAL.

So for every person who improves by taking these drugs... up to TWENTY FOUR people do not?!?! And yet they have been certified as safe and effective by the FDA!?!?! No wonder people don't trust Big Pharma.

That not only seems inefficient. It seems negligent. 

It still boggles my mind how ineffective the most popular drugs are.

Every day, millions of people are taking medications that will not help them. The top ten highest-grossing drugs in the United States help between 1 in 25 and 1 in 4 of the people who take them (see 'Imprecision medicine'). For some drugs, such as statins — routinely used to lower cholesterol — as few as 1 in 50 may benefit1. There are even drugs that are harmful to certain ethnic groups because of the bias towards white Western participants in classical clinical trials2.

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