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The Rock Diet Plan Attempted by a Real Person

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Anyone who has tried to get super buff knows this to be true: one of the hardest parts is just EATING ENOUGH. Ordinary people think eating is super fun and try to eat less. Gym rats find it terrifying and unappealing, yet must eat more -- specifically more lean protein (think: COD or chicken breasts) and veggies, up to 10 lb a day of nutritious food. See what happens when a "fit for a blogger" guy tries to be the Rock for a day.

Not only does The Rock eat A LOT of food, but everything he eats tastes like butt:

When Complex asked me to do this project, I kept my aversion to fish a secret which in retrospect was probably a mistake. The Rock eats three pounds of cod on the daily. While I might've been able to wolf down one eight ounce filet Fear Factor-style, it was the featured entree in almost every meal. I knew by 10 a.m. that it was going to be a long, shitty day. I was constantly dreading the next meal, which had as much to do with hating the food as it did with being ridiculously full.

Hey now... firm white fish do not "taste like butt". We are delicioso!!! You know what tastes like butt? The excuses of humans who do not know how to cook!

Okay, but still: could you eat 3 pounds of cod fish every day?

as a bodybuilder, I tried to eat 3500 calories a day and got capped out at about 2500 to 3200 a day.  it is really difficult to juggle a professional life and bodybuilding because you'll be eating constantly and feel so full all the time you question weather you are helping or hindering progress.

Which is really interesting because some non-body builders have no problem eating 3500 calories a day. I guess what makes it hard is those have to be quality calories. 

It's easy to eat 3,500 calories a day:

1) eat all proteins uncooked and raw, eat them first

2) eat remaining 85% to 95% of calories in animal and vegetable fats, eat these all raw too

3) eat no carbs, nada, niente, nunca

No sense of fullness: rapid digestion rates, high assimilation and low thermogenic effects...

It's also unrealistic to compare the Rock's metabolic rate and his daily caloric consumption in straight-line fashion to most anybody else... for most of us, it's like comparing the performance outputs and fuel rating requirements of a McLaren F1 to a Hyundai...

The honest comparison would be to ratio the Rock's lean tissue (total weight x 1 - % fat composition) weight to his caloric consumption total (3,500 calories) for a caloric consumption rate per lb of lean tissue and then try to eat that way for your own total lean tissue weight.

That's not such a big deal to do...

Your idea of "easy" and mine aren't the same, dude. 3500 calories of grass-fed whale blubber with a couple pounds of raw cod on the side?

Yeah, that sounds fundamentally unpleasant.

Maybe I could do it for one day on a bet, but every day? No way.

Well over 1/3 the way to 3,500 calories in one meal... as Emeril might say, but without the cooking part – "BAM!"  

How's about these taste delights instead of yer grass-fed whale blubber ass...normalized-tmp-554fa48386601normalized-tmp-554fa49394aaenormalized-tmp-554fa4a9b6ac8



Rob these foods look great but I don't know how you can eat 3500 calories worth of these foods.

That seems like way too much food!

I heat my house only minimally, and the idea of getting through an entire winter with only cold fish is so painfully unappealing :( Maybe if there were some more whale blubber...

Yeah, you definitely need more red meats to get through the winter. 

Adam, per your above comment of "...seems like way too much food":

Less than one pound of fat will get you to 3,500 calories (~4,032 calories in 16 ozs of fat) ... and that's not counting any protein or carbs you might also eat with your fat, or without it, throughout your day. 

One pound of food is not very much food at all for our average meal, let alone the average entire daily intake of us Merikans.  Many people would complain if that's the total volume of food they were allowed to eat at each meal.

You won't have to do much of anything really different other than upgrading your normal daily volume of food more towards the 60 to 80% fat side of your edible could even eat less volume and still get well past max calories in a day – it's not way to much food at all.

Raw fats get you to 3,500 calories and beyond in a hurry.

By raw fat you mean consuming avocados, nuts, and olive oil, not raw animal fats right?

Raw animal fats seem inedible to me. 

Uhh butter, cream... hello?

I agree with you, Joyce... living a painfully unappealing life is not worth it.  I would never eat raw and fast periodically if it wasn't pleasurable – I don't do painful routines, disciplines or tolerate grinds in anything.

People who imagine only an appealingly short life or a painfully long one are very rational and very smart people – way smarter than I am – like most of the folks here on PandaWhale will always be.

I'm content to be a little stupider in the pecking order of such peers, as I've a congenitally stubborn, contrarian disposition combined with a very gullible personality, and believe there's always a better way.  As such I don't accept representations until I can prove better results in practice as a matter of self-preservation ... this makes me even more smug and pedantic than I have a right to be and quite the bore at happy hour.

My professional career has been helping others create better options and choose them – always built on results of what works and feels better

My personal life is continuously redesigned to the laziest way possible to live an appealingly long life of enduring physical well-being and emotional equanimity.  So far so good.

I've found and helped others find that their lazy way forward begins with raw food and raw food alone – it is the most powerful and persistent engine of change we can influence in our lives – solely because of where our civilization has now evolved.  More raw food and less crap food is also the only thing I've found that offers consistent improvement towards pleasurable, vital healthspans.  Whale blubber need not apply here.

The proof of pleasure in changing to raw food baselines is in the actual living of it and the wonderful transformation that follows... your physical / emotional well-being and pleasurable experiences increases.  Our bodies adapt and change to whatever real foods we choose, or don't.  So be brave and experiment.

Unfortunately most of what we eat and have access to today might look like real food, but it is not real food.  Welcome to our Chicken-shit New World... 

Damn, bro, your humblebrag powers are STRONG!!! Respect!

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