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When to let it go, Ash Beckham #TED

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I have not seen her video, "How to have a hard conversation."

Lesson learned: don't base gender assumptions on haircuts and shoulder rides. 

The first time I watched her video "How to have a hard conversation" it was soon after participating in one of the hardest conversations of my life. Here's what I learned from that video: 

1) Be authentic

2) Be direct

3) Be unapologetic

Being real with others may be hard for everyone at first. You do hold both complex individuality and duality through grit. Hard is hard until it's not. 

Thanks for those notes, Stacy.

Being real IS hard. How do you set a good tone of firm but empathetic?

Love no matter what. Most of us project what we are taught, not what we feel, with some kind of prejudice. It's crucial for us to question what we've been told. That's not to say it's all right or wrong, we HAVE to understand where the other person may be coming from. We are human beings and we ALL deserve happiness. 

I might think someone is different if they don't like chocolate ice cream with fudge and whipped cream on top. thats their choice. At the end of the day, we all deserve to be happy. Whatever that means for each of us.

Stacy, well said. We all deserve to be happy.

Also, I like your video:

Our video converter doesn't work for addresses, just addresses for now. 

"It's all or none, you're with us against us, and that's polarity."

I like her point that a forced choice removes our complex individuality. 

I like her concept of duality. Duality is the ability to hold both things. 

You learn to hold both things through grit. 

We unite by our similarities, not separate by our differences. 

Allies have to be active allies. Ask questions. Engage. 

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