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Google’s Simple Just-in-time Checklist Improves Employee Onboarding Results By 25%

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Checklists and just-in-time alerts really do work.

Google found that a simple reminder alert email sent to the hiring manager the Sunday before the new hire starts can reduce new hire time to productivity by a full month, a whopping 25 percent faster. Rather than burdening managers with a bunch of requirements and a structured process, it settled on a voluntary process that is owned by the new hire’s manager. The goal of this just-in-time reminder checklist is to prompt managers about the five small tasks that have proven to have the highest impact on the productivity of their new hire. The five critical tasks that are listed in the email alert are:

  1. Have a role and responsibilities discussion.
  2. Match your new hire with a peer buddy.
  3. Help your new hire build a social network.
  4. Set up onboarding check-ins once a month for your new hire’s first six months.
  5. Encourage open dialogue

The five recommended actions of this reminder email checklist cover increasing two-way communications, building the employees support network, and scheduling periodic meetings with the new hire. But the reasons why the approach worked are as important as the action steps in the message.

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