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Hybrid Animals

Hybrid Animals - Album on Imgur

Hybrid Animals - Album on Imgur

Hybrid Animals - Album on Imgur

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I'm a little afraid. 

Imgur comments:

Things are heating up!

Narwhals and Belugas are the only two members of the monodontidae family of whales, so it should be no surprise that they are able to crossbreed. However, they are extraordinarily rare. Sightings have been increasing in the Northern Atlantic recently, which some researchers consider a warning sign of climate change.

What do you call that crossbreed? Narluga? Belwhal?

The thing is scary looking :( But I like the Pizzle!

Pizzlies are the best!  

Grolar bears, also called “pizzly bears” by the less charitable, are a cross between polar and brown bears. Their natural ranges rarely, if ever, overlap, and most grolar bears live in zoos. However, there have been a handful of confirmed sightings in the wild. In 2006, an Alaskan hunter shot one.

They look pretty much like an even split between polar and grizzly bears. Behaviorally, they are closer to polar bears than to browns.

The Narwhal-Beluga is called a Narluga!  I wonder what their caviar is like....

Haha, Beluga caviar does not come from Beluga whales! It comes from sturgeon. 

I like BOTH grolar Bears AND pizzly Bears. Win-win!

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