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Is soy bad for you?

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Short answer: No, actually soy is good for you in moderation. 

Note however that most soybeans are genetically modified and we're still not quite sure that's ok. 

Reddit comments:

Soy is very high in phytoestrogens, which are probably harmful.  Since the 1920's it has been documented what level of soy will cause total infertility in domesticated animals.  Not if, but simply what amount.

To my knowledge *no* traditional cultures consumed soy products, except for those that were fermented.

Of course genetically modifying them to secrete pesticides internally does not make it any safer...

Then moderation makes sense if a person is going to consume unfermented soy.

Soy still seems to be one of the most popular crops in the world:

Do you avoid unfermented soy completely?

Adam, I more or less do... sometimes I order hot & sour soup that has tofu in it and I don't stress about it in that case. 

Makes sense because tofu is fermented soy, right?

Nix!  Tofu is not fermented.

Unfermented soy includes soy milk, soy nuts, tofu and soy infant formula; fermented soy includes tamari, miso, natto, tempeh, pickled tofu and various fermented pastes used in a variety of Asian cooking techniques.

Thanks Geege. I will no longer think of tofu and soy milk as unqualified healthy.

I didn't know there was such a thing as pickled tofu.  Hmm...

Sounds pretty good, actually. :)

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