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Sometimes the best thing about my job, is that the chair spins: Panda Sugar Spinning gif

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Top comment:  you also have a tub of sugar on your desk. count your blessings, panda.

Perhaps we should not be giving pandas sugar?

Happy HYPER spinning panda!

Hyper pandas are fun for everyone who doesn't have to live with one.

demi lovato blowing kiss gif imgur yes and yes

P.S. Do you happen to know where on Facebook is a link to our comments about this gif? I want to read about the 2016 numerology again but Facebook is so hard to search!

yes and yes gif

adam, i love that you have a gif for everything!!  :)

If only I had a better way to search for them. 

searching for gif imgur I know I have a gif for this somewhere Welcome to the Internet. Here is your gif basket. - PandaWhale

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