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How Digg Was Saved in Just Six Weeks

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The New Digg team decided to reject the soul of Old Digg: the people. At least for now. Borthwick concedes that "the experience and the interactions on the site [are] very light." Readers are "being downplayed so far," Borthwick explains. "Within the six week time-span, there were some things that needed to be compromised." There used to be links flying all over the place, battling for supremacy. But New Digg is peaceful, even if there's less a reader can do with each story. Now, getting a link on the page is a messy behind-the-scenes process, explains Digg's Editorial Director, David Weiner: We get like 25,000 submissions a day. And what essentially happens is, it's not going to bubble up unless it's being talked about across other networks [Twitter, Facebook]. Unless we can say this is exactly what people are talking about, and we have proof for that, we can't actually elevate it [on the page].

So Digg's new vision is the links most shared on Twitter and Facebook?

The article is right -- the new Digg is so serene.

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