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Metronomes dance to the same tune

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The concept is simple — 32 metronomes on a table, all set to the same tempo, but started at slightly different times. But here’s the fun bit — although they begin “out of phase“, after about 2 minutes, they all lock onto the same phase and synchronize! (Well, almost all — there’s a rebel on the far right that takes an extra minute to get with the program).

Wow. Strangely hypnotic.

I agree, these are putting me into a meditative state...

yay, i guessed correctly as to why it was happening!

Wait, why was it happening ???

the table moves, so its force evens out and syncs the metronomes

(watching it again)

Oh em gee that is sofa king cool !!!

Thank you, Jared!!!

Still satisfying.

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