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1 Minute of All-Out Exercise May Have Benefits of 45 Minutes of Moderate Exertion

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Define "all out exercise" and "benefits" please. :)

Sprints!  Sprints of any activity "so strenuous you moan"!  

Benefits:  Improved endurance, strength, aerobic capacity!

"The takeaway of both studies is that it is best, if you wish to perform high-intensity interval training, to stick to what is well documented as effective: a few sessions per week of 30- or 60-second intervals so strenuous you moan, followed by a minute or so of blessed recovery, and a painful repetition or four."

Cool. I wish I could learn how to sprint without doing damage to my knees. 

"Sprint" on a rowing machine, stationary bicycle or an eliptical.  

Ah, that's pretty brilliant. Can do!

I also like your advice to strengthen my quads. 

Build your quads, save your knees!

swim too


I could never get into swimming because I find it so boring. Am I doing it wrong?

Do you swim in a pool or a natural body of water?

Pool. Natural bodies near the Pacific are too cold!

Pools ARE boring.

Well that explains why I always thought so.

Can you do an all out swim for a minute easily where you are?

I have to drive a short distance to swim or kayak - that's easy.

All out swimming is fun to you right?

Yeah but to be honest I'd rather do that kind of swimming in a pool, because sharks.

Pop culture aside, Sharks tend to stay away from humans right?

Adam, I am not a fan of swimming but I have been known to split my family pool time with playing with the kids and trading with wife to swim laps. What I can offer from my own experience is that the boring goes away when you focus on breathing and constant work much like yoga. As I age, I realize that the higher impact activities I enjoy are not much of an option so the low impact and present exercises become a way forward. 

Adam, want to come swimming with me next week? 

I've been walking so I can work my way up to swimming. Where do you swim?

Focusing on breathing sounds meditative. 

It is meditative. I swim on campus. 

That's cool. I live far from campus now though.

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