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Why Good Storytellers Are Happier in Life and in Love

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"New research, published this month in the journal Personal Relationships, shows that women find men who are good storytellers more appealing. The article consists of three studies in which male and female participants were shown a picture of someone of the opposite sex and given an indication of whether that person was a proficient storyteller. In the first study, 71 men and 84 women were told that the person whose picture they were looking at was either a “good,” “moderate” or “poor” storyteller. In the second study, 32 men and 50 women were given a short story supposedly written by the person in the picture; half the stories were concise and compelling, and half rambled and used dull language. In the third study, 60 men and 81 women were told whether the person in the picture was a good storyteller and were asked to rate their social status and ability to be a good leader in addition to their attractiveness."

"The results were the same across all three studies: Women rated men who were good storytellers as more attractive and desirable as potential long-term partners. Psychologists believe this is because the man is showing that he knows how to connect, to share emotions and, possibly, to be vulnerable. He also is indicating that he is interesting and articulate and can gain resources and provide support."

"The men didn’t care whether the women were good storytellers, the research showed."

Memo to self: Learn how to tell stories well.

"The men didn’t care whether the women were good storytellers, the research showed."  Am I the only one who found this hilarious?

That's why I put it in its own separate little box :)

It's funny but also sad. 

Men listening to women's stories:

COIN blah blah blah talk too much ryan winnen coin band

Those men should be better listeners. 

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