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How can you instantly improve performance in difficult situations?

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I am going to try this before my next VC pitch! Thanks baka!

Happiness is not just something pleasant.

It is a tool that can be employed to improve performance.

Therefore pursuit of happiness is not just hedonic. It is also utilitarian.

Think positive by imagining the happiest day of your life. Students who did it before a test excelled.

I have difficulty thinking of the happiest day of my life.

Will any happy day do?

A "very happy" day will do quite well, I'm sure. :)

Whew. Thank goodness, I have a lot of those to draw on.

I wonder if not being able to choose a happiest day is common.

Most people would say it coincided with the birth of a child, but parents of multiple children probably would have great difficulty choosing which child.

Actually, I just talked myself into the belief that most people do not have a single happiest day.

There are many days with happy moments, and that's a good thing.

The sad but funny thing is that we're terrible at remembering what really makes us happy. It's one of the main causes of unhappiness.

Can't we just trust that there IS some that really makes us happy, without knowing what that is?

The point is the feeling. As long as you get the feeling of happiness you get the performance boost.

So it's not enough to kow it. You've gotta feel it. Got it.

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