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Invisible Talent — NewCo Shift

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I just do not understand: "I thought about all the work I’ve put into to get to where I am today and wondered will it even matter when I start my job search in a few months. According to most tech companies, if I can’t pass an algorithmic challenge or if I’m not a “culture fit” I don’t belong. I haven’t even started my first full-time job yet and I’m already so tired of feeling erased and mistreated by the tech industry. I’ve worked so hard to make myself visible over the last few years so it hurt me to see Facebook make such false statements. What more must students of color do to make it clear that we are qualified to be in this industry?"

-Why would not a graduate from a CS program pass an algorithmic challenge? Yes, interview process is very flawed, but it is what it is, and other people can pass it. And regarding what must they do - how about applying? Yes, companies' recruiters scout TOP CS programs, but there are also placement services at every schools, can they establish connections with the desired companies and secure internships, and then some kind of a pipeline?

Not everyone can pass every algorithmic challenge. 

I taught an algorithms class at Caltech but I did not make it through Google's and Facebook's algorithmic challenges. It sometimes is luck of the draw. 

Should I know what an algorithmic challenge is?  As a freelancer I don't have to jump through any of these hoops...

They ask you to code something up then ask questions on how to make your algorithm better. 

As if people need algorithms in all coding work. 

Adam, do those interviews always include algorithmic challenges? Would you be able to solve them in a non-interview situation? The irony is, really strong developers can probably find good jobs without "jumping through those hoops", so in a way an interview process filters out most confident people - unless they really really want to work for this particular company.

Interviews do not always include algorithmic challenges.

I would not necessarily be able to solve them in a non interview situation.

And yes, strong developers have no problem finding jobs. 

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