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Why You Should Never Tell Someone to Relax

"Relaxing on command is physiologically impossible if “the body is already too acutely stressed to turn it around,” says Wendy Mendes, a professor of emotion at the University of California, San Francisco, and a researcher on stress. While the body responds rapidly to stress, returning to a relaxed state can take 20 to 60 minutes, she says."

Why You Should Never Tell Someone to Relax - WSJ

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So what should we tell them instead?

"fix yourself."  ?


Or even: "check yourself" :)

In some circumstances zoning into mindfulness can be awkward. Trying to mentally detangle this quote works for me. Gives me that studiously contemplative look... 

"In a letter Thursday, Assistant Secretary for Legislation Jim Esquea told Issa that “the committee’s unwillingness to commit to undertake measures to address the security risks associated with further disclosure is troubling, particularly in light of reports that sensitive materials were disclosed through various investigations.” 

That quote essentially says that the committee isn't even willing to give it a little more consideration.

I know, Adam, but why should politicians use few words when they can use a few sentences.

more words allow for more obfuscation 

But we seek clarity!

strive for certainty? 

Value brevity?

Yes, indubitably.


Last ;)

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