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What Obesity Looks Like on the Inside, by BBC Obesity the Post Mortem

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Sugar is your worst enemy.

Start with eliminating sugar from your diet. It's hard, but it gets stored as fat and fucks with your liver and metabolism. When you are off sugar, everything is suddenly much easier.

Once you've been off sugar for a week you'll feel different and you'll crave it less. Now you can spend more will power on cutting down on calories. Which doesn't have to be any harder than to just eat as little as you can bare.

A tip to cutting down on sugar is to drink sparkling water or water with taste instead of soda. And eat fruit instead of candy or snacks. There is fructose in fruit, but not enough to worry. I like grapes and bananas.

You can also use this as an opportunity to save money by cooking more food at home instead of eating out.

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