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Angela Duckworth says to think of three good things in your life each morning before you get out of bed.

This is Gretchen Rubin, whose New Year Resolution appears below.

Successful people share their New Year s resolution Business Insider

Successful people share their New Year's resolution...


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Angela Duckworth, a University of Pennsylvania psychologist and author of "Grit," would like to think of three good things in her life each morning before she gets out of bed.

"This simple ritual — called the 'three blessings exercise' — has been shown in random-assignment research to make you happier, but I'm doing it for a different reason.

"In fact, I'm doing it for its own sake. I want to appreciate what's going right in my life, especially the people who make my life so wonderful."

Gretchen Rubin, a habit expert and author of 'Better Than Before,' wants to re-purpose more

"I have masses of material that I've created over the years, and I want to make better use of it. For instance, over the summer, I wrote a little book called 'Outer Order, Inner Calm' based on all the writing I'd done about clutter-clearing — so much fun. 

"Along the same lines, I have a book coming out in September, The Four Tendencies, about a personality framework I've already identified (are you an Upholder, Questioner, Obiger, Rebel?). It will be a book, but it's also an app, the Better app, and I have other plans for the material. Re-purpose!"

Alexa von Tobel, CEO and founder of LearnVest and author of 'Financially Fearless,' wants to help her daughter save more money.

"First, I want to focus on my baby girl, Toby. She'll be two in March, but it's never too early to impart good money values and management skills to your little ones. To start teaching Toby about saving, my husband and I have given her six different piggy banks, each representing a different savings goal. For example, she has a piggy bank for college and a piggy bank for the bicycle that's on her wish list this year.

"Second, my husband and I are thinking more strategically about how our own saving can help ensure Toby has a sound financial future ahead of her.

"Last but not least is sticking to our own budget. This one requires ongoing attention, so it's a resolution we make every year.”"

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Debbie Sterling, CEO of GoldieBlox, wants to mentor young women interested in STEM.

"In 2017 I want to spend more time mentoring young women interested in STEM and entrepreneurship. It's easy to fall into the trap of feeling too busy to give back. The truth is, the more success you have, the busier you get. So you have to proactively make time to do things that are important to you."

Stephen Kaufer, TripAdvisor CEO, wants to help refugees.

"My New Year's resolution is to use the power and influence of TripAdvisor's brand to aid in the humanitarian refugee crisis that we're seeing in many parts of the Middle East, Africa, and Europe today.

"In addition to our commitment to organizations like Mercy Corps and The International Rescue Committee, I want to encourage others in the travel industry and around the world to take action and help provide refugees with critical access to information, essential education opportunities, and resettlement support.

It's one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our generation. Years from now, I want my grandkids to know that I joined with others and chose to help, if only in a small way."

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