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Bed uses robotic arms to make itself:

Bed uses robotic arms to make itself

Source: Popular Science

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After a full day of operating mill machinery in Spain’s Basque country, Ascensio Zubeldia used to fall into bed drained. Each morning he mulled over the perfect bed—one that makes itself—and then he finally built it. Sensors under the mattress detect when the sleeper rises, and three seconds later, compartments that contain robotic arms open.

The arms secure cords along each side of the duvet cover between two rollers, then move forward, pulling the duvet to the top of the bed. As this occurs, cords attached to the pillowcases straighten them. Trays holding the pillows then lift, allowing the duvet to pass beneath them. The whole process takes less than a minute.

This is what modern living is about!!!

I will gladly trade children for that robot.

Is it more sophisticated than most robots these days, or is it pretty standard?

I think using simple things in effective and new ways is epitome of good design. It's sophisticated rather than complex.

Steve Jobs used to say that creativity is just connecting things.

Clever applications of existing mechanisms leads to new innovations.


But don't trade your children for it. Trade money.

Was thinking of trading someone else's. Better exchange rate. :)

You're a clever one! I had to go back and re-read that sentence again to realize that's what you meant... :)

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