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Chip Kelly and The Cam Newton/RGIII era is Here

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I think we've seen the future of the QB position; there's the traditional QB -- Barkley, v. the nontraditional QB: Mariota.

One is much, much more difficult to defend then the other; he increases the on-field threat by one.

The Chip Kelly offense, which Belichick and the Patriots have borrowed, is about single-word audibles and uptempo offense; it's not about possession, it's about getting as many plays in a game as you can.

They obliterated USC's traditional-style gameplay and defense; and this is why: most defenses practice reading and studying an opponent's plays all week, with the pace at which the Oregon team runs their offense, it's nearly impossible for an opposing team to get a quick read on what possible plays UO will run based on their formation and personnel package.

It's then up to Oregon's explosive offense players and weapons to execute and make as few mental mistakes as possible, just as in any sport or game.

UO v. Alabama would be an interesting matchup; I think UO could win in a regular season matchup because of preparation time, but I think Alabama/Saban will out coach Chip Kelly with 4 weeks of preparation.

That being said, there's a whole lot of football before that game is a certainty.

And if K.State has anything to say about it, it'll never be played.

UO got to meet Kansas State after all. And neither played for the title.

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