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The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like

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As the title says. Some of the research is about caffeine, so tea drinks win too.

Awesome. Guilt free coffee and tea it is!

 "Coffee as a salve against existential pains..." Get the French press ready for round 2...

Ooooo! Good idea Dawn!!

 You don't have your own barista yet, Adam? That's tough... 

Not yet. Someday. I can dream...

Yes, it was observational, but the study published in May in the New England Journal of Medicine looked at hundreds of thousands of men and women and found this bottom line result: people who drank coffee lived longer than those who didn't. And the more they drank, the longer they lived.


There is a downside, as I discovered on vacation. When I went from 5 cups/day to 0, I started getting major caffeine withdrawal headaches.  Ouch!

Chris, that's a good point.

Either phase out coffee gradually, or run the risks of caffeine withdrawal.

I like putting butter in my coffee... hate skim milk, use whole milk for tea but even half and half started to feel wimpy in my cuppa joe.  Go all in.

Fat is where it's at.

Of course, I only use un-pasteurized dairy.

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