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Stashes by Geege
'Sup Dog reaction to riding an escalator gif
1960s The code that took America to the moon was just published to GitHub, and it’s like a 1960s time capsule.
1970s 1979 World Disco Dancing Finals, to "Born To Be Alive" by Patrick Hernandez
1980's Blues Brothers James Brown do you see the light gif
1980s Obscure 1980s Bands: Aztec Camera, Go West, Housemartins, the Church, Baltimora
1990s The 1990s PBS Show 'Ghostwriter' Taught Kids to Love Words
2013 How You Should Have Spent $100 In 2013 (Hint: Bitcoin) - Forbes
2014 Bye Bye Internet Security: 2014 the year Security shrugged and Privacy Ambivalence reigned
2015 Oprah LEGO Oscar gif
23andMe 23andMe Is Terrifying, But Not for the Reasons the FDA Thinks: Scientific American
3D Printing Etsy user shuts down shop after 3D printed Pokemon Go Pokeball aimer goes viral.
49ers Field Position
4K Videos Beautiful Washington 4K UHD
:-) A guide to picking up Navy sailors
@ Another juggler gives up on his dream.
@AnthonyBourdain How one company convinced Anthony Bourdain to shill scotch
@bhorowitz Top 25 lines from @bhorowitz at #geeksvsuits ...
@cdixon Facebook is the new AOL | The Verge
@danbigmanforbes How General Motors Was Really Saved: The Untold True Story Of The Most Important Bankruptcy In U.S. History - Forbes
@DanielPink To Sell is Human: An Exclusive Interview with Daniel Pink (Part 1)
@davewiner Someone Had to Go First
@davidwu9999 How You Work: Daily Planners, Better Sleep, and Productivity Systems
@Dr.Ernie Love People, Not Pleasure -
@emilialahti Cancer drug development time halved thanks to artificial intelligence and Moore's Law.
@emmaseppala Proof that Positive Work Cultures Are More Productive, by Emma Seppala
@EricBarker The Cure For Boredom is a Context Shift | Big Think
@EstherDyson Wonderful observation re data from #inTC13
@fivethirtyeight NFL Playoff Chances By Record, by FiveThirtyEight
@guykawasaki Let's Stop the Glorification of Busy
@hblodget This Simple 'Power Pose' Can Change Your Life And Career -- TED talk by Amy Cuddy, notes by Henry Blodget
@hunterwalk Parlio Q&A with Adam Grant
@ifindkarma I'm a Recruiter and I Was Ruining My Own Job Search
@Jack_Rivkin How General Motors Was Really Saved: The Untold True Story Of The Most Important Bankruptcy In U.S. History - Forbes
@JamesFallows James Fallows Journeys Across America
@james_clear Question on delayed gratification
@Kurzweil Our Minds Cannot Conceive the Future Machine Age: In 2004, Experts Thought Self-Driving Cars Were Impossible
@marcandangel One Reality You Must Accept Before You Can Live Your Best Life: Realize This Moment Is Enough
@marcandreessen The world wide web may be fracturing into a bunch of regional internets...
@markshefsiek Good Bye Cruel Intertubes
@MichaelSimmons NPR - Effects of Increasing Digital Connections on Relationships and Community
@neiltyson Why Most People Are Bad at Math, by Neil deGrasse Tyson
@RichardFeynman Richard Feynman's Physics Lectures Now Available For Free
@RonaldLHayes1 Brain Injury Could Triple Chance For Early Death: Researchers Link TBI to Suicide, Substance Abuse, And Psychiatric Illnesses
@sacca How Venture Cowboy and Super Angel Chris Sacca Made Billions, Burned Bridges And Crafted The Best Seed Portfolio Ever
@salim ismail Article about my one day ExO workshop in Miami
@semilshah Sheryl Sandberg Kick the Shit Out of Option B meme, thoughts by Semil Shah
@sethgodin Say Something Worth Listening To
@sherylsandberg What is Facebook Audience Network and why does it matter?