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For athletes, sleep is the new "magic pill"

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TEN HOURS of sleep delivers optimal performance.

Ten hours seems excessive if you're not a professional athlete.

That Zeo device does sound pretty cool.

Anyone know someone who has tried it?

I bought Tom one for his birthday, and he loves it.

Now for a harder question. Worth buying now, or wait for the next generation?

Sleep is good:

People who REALLY don't need much sleep are quite rare and not normal:

There is one advantage to being tired, though:

If someone is not a professional athlete, how much sleep does s/he really need?

7 I can do.

10 is too much. It leaves no time for anything but work and sleep.

I was under the impression that naps were bad for the fact that it will interrupt your sleep cycle at night. I think the best preparation before a race day is a huge meal, 7-8 hours of sleep and to be hydrated.

Interrupting night sleep cycle is only an issue if naps are too long or too late in the day.

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